Camouflage theme mouse pad customization Tanabata mouse pad

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-22

This year's Razer 'CFHD' limited-edition game package was launched on January 18 this year. Once it was released, it was well received by many users. Apart from the fact that the Razer device itself is easy to use, the appearance of this series has won the favor of many people.

This 'CFHD' limited-edition game set includes a mouse pad, gaming headset, mechanical keyboard, and a wireless mouse. The whole set uses the yellow camouflage color theme 'Desert Pioneer', which is very dazzling. Support batch customization of various mouse pads

This co-branded mouse pad is also worth mentioning. Its name 'Razer CFHD Limited Gaming Mouse Pad' has a camouflage-themed appearance. It is reported that it is custom-made based on the heavy armored beetle V3-M mouse pad.

The front of the mouse pad is designed with camouflage, using classic desert-style camouflage spray-painting to restore the scene of bloody battles. The surface is smooth and suitable for gaming and e-sports enthusiasts. custom mouse pad

The bottom of the mouse pad is made of rubber non-slip technology. The bottom has a woven sago cloth surface, so you don’t have to worry about problems such as movement during use, allowing players to shoot and pull guns smoothly. The rubber non-slip texture on the bottom is mainly to keep the mouse pad stable. sex.

The edge of the mouse pad adopts a delicate knitting hemming process to prevent the mouse pad from curling after a long time of use and increase durability.

The customization of mouse pads all meet the above requirements. Qixi Festival is coming soon. If you don’t know what to give, you can consider mouse pads. We support customization with pictures, and there is no fee to send samples.

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