Are mouse pad customization fluency, startup, permeability, and braking important?

by:Tigerwings     2022-11-18

What aspects can we choose when choosing a mouse pad, such as fluency, activation, permeability, and braking? Have you learned about it? Share from these aspects.

1. Fluency

Fluency can also be regarded as the slipperiness of the mouse pad. The higher the fluency, the smoother the mouse pad. But this smoothness is not as high as possible. Generally, the improvement of smoothness is accompanied by a stop decline, that is, the more difficult it is to accurately control the mouse.

For example: The Razer Heavy Beetle, the Heavy Beetle is divided into two types: the control version and the speed version. From the literal meaning, the speed version should be smoother, but in fact the control version with coarse weaving technology is smoother. This is determined by the surface technology. The coarse weaving surface brings less contact area between the mouse foot sticker and the mouse pad, which in exchange for more fluency.

2. Initiation

The actuation of the mouse pad is the rapid performance of the mouse on the mouse pad. In the FPS game, the quick turn action is closely related to this performance.

The activation of the mouse is divided into two parts. The first is to overcome the static friction between the mouse pad and the mouse pad, and change the mouse friction state to the dynamic friction state. This process is generally when the mouse pad is the most astringent, and a relatively large force is required to move the mouse. The mouse changes from static friction to kinetic friction. The second stage is the continuous acceleration stage of the mouse. Some mouse pads will increase the friction with the increase of the mouse speed. These two together determine the bootability of the mouse pad.

3. Permeability

The thickness of the mouse pad, the thicker the mouse pad, the weaker the communication with the desktop.

Generally speaking, the advantage of thick mats is to achieve higher flatness on uneven surfaces. And many people are used to thick pads because thick pads are more comfortable, you can pad the mouse to a more comfortable height, or when you lose the game and drop the mouse, it will not hurt the desktop.

4. Braking

The braking performance is relative to the starting performance, which is the process of the mouse from sliding to stationary. In other words, it is the astringency of the mouse. The higher the astringency, the better the braking performance of the mouse pad.

In the game, high DPI gear and handicapped party are more suitable to use astringent pads. Pads with high stiffness are better suited for handling with a small range of motion. The less obvious the response to hand shake, the more stable the mouse is.

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