15 years of experience in mouse pad production customization Advertising mouse pad customization with pictures

by:Tigerwings     2022-12-03

Comparing various mouse pad materials, which one is more suitable for you to use for advertising? Mouse pads have become a must-have accessory for office desktops, and the usage rate is as high as 90%. , the feel is different when used, do you know how to choose?

There are many kinds of mouse pads on the market. The most common ones are cloth mouse pads, silicone mouse pads, leather mouse pads, and metal materials, etc. Glass and synthetic materials are relatively rare, but here are a few for everyone. just for reference.

Cloth material mouse pad

There are two types of cloth mouse pads, one is the fine surface and the other is the rough surface, which have different feel. In contrast, the rough surface has a better operating feel, but the fine surface moves faster. For game lovers is a better choice

Advantages: cheap price, low production cost, high degree of environmental protection

Disadvantages: easy to get dirty, troublesome for clear material

2. Plastic material mouse pad

It is suitable for gamers, because it has the characteristics of rapid movement and precise braking, which become the opposite side of performance. A mouse pad that is too smooth or too dry is not good for precise operations in a small range.

Advantages: The price is medium, with the characteristics of rapid movement and precise braking

Disadvantages: There may be some processes that make this type of mouse pad smell relatively strong

3. Metal mouse pad

Metal mouse pads are generally made of aluminum. Compared with other metals, this material is softer (not bent), better shaped, and safer to use. If you are used to cloth mouse pads, you will be shocked by the silky feeling when you use metal mouse pads.

Advantages: smooth, more comfortable and cooler in summer, easy to clean up stains

Disadvantages: It is not easy to carry, cannot be folded and bent, and the price is higher

4. Glass mouse pad

The glass mouse pad should be a relatively rare material product. There are relatively few users of this type of product. Apart from being easy to clean, it does not have many advantages. It is not only expensive, but also heavy and inconvenient to carry.

For mouse pad manufacturers, this kind of list is actually not easy to do. From production, material selection, to transportation, it requires a lot of manpower and energy, and the production cost is relatively high. It can be called a rich-grade mouse pad.

Advantages: easy to clean

Disadvantages: expensive, not portable

5. Synthetic material mouse pad

The main material of synthetic material mouse pads is plastic itself, but because most of the synthetic materials are carbon materials, the usage rate is gradually increasing. Of course, it is not entirely due to the material itself, but it is also related to the entire electronic market. It has become a relatively popular industry at present, and then drives the entire surrounding equipment products to gradually heat up.

Advantages: Synthetic material mouse pad feels better

Disadvantages: the plastic base is not wear-resistant

To sum up, each mouse pad has its advantages and disadvantages. When it is used for different purposes, the advantages will be magnified or reduced. For example, the cloth mouse pad is used for advertising. It is cheap and has a high utilization rate. Mass production reduces marketing costs, while other products with relatively low cost performance are suitable for personal customization.

Mouse pad manufacturers support batch customization of various mouse pad points, support sample delivery, and map customization.

Each material of the mouse pad has its own advantages and disadvantages, and is affected by the mouse foot stickers and the optical engine. Different mice may have different performances on mouse pads of different materials. Get used to and use the mouse to match the mouse pad that is most suitable for you.

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